Saturday, February 10, 2018


Happy Saturday Loves!

MY WINNING PAIR OF JEANS - Fabricmart Challenge
I am so excited to sew at least 3 pairs of jeans over the next 2 months.  I have so many items on my sewing list and I just need to stay focus and on task.  I will be working on my Spring capsule the month of February and at least 1 pair of jeans and a few other items in between.

This year I plan to sew more and be consistent with my makes.  Now that I have to create 1 look each month for 6 months for my Fabric Mart win, I have no choice but to crank up that sewing machine each week.

NOW LET'S get to the POINT!

I would love for you to join me on this challenge, so I am giving away a few yards of stretch DENIM to make your OWN pair of JEANS!  This giveaway is a kind gesture to all the ladies who will be participating or plan to sew some jeans in the future. There is no need to follow any pages or be a part of the challenge or  like any pictures; all you have to do is complete a quick 2 minute survey.   I am exploring the idea of planning a weekend sewcation and I would like to get your feedback before investing my time in planning it.

If more than 10 ladies shows interest in a SEWCATION getaway, YOU will be responsible to book YOUR OWN FLIGHT, reserve YOUR room and bring your tools.  I will secure and negotiate the best possible hotel rates and will research and plan a few local excursions.  I will NOT be collecting any money but will spend time to get the best deals based on the location that has the most votes.  This will allow so many sew sisters to get together, share ideas, tips and techniques and even sew while enjoying a weekend away from the hustle and bustle of our daily lives.  I am bias to Jamaica of course as it is my island home and I can negotiate and secure great hotels rates and plan a few excursions.  Also, you can invite a friend who doesn't even sew and make this a FUN getaway event!  I promise that we WILL NOT be sewing for the entire weekend but will make at least 1 simple garment before we leave.

JUST CLICK on the survey LINK and answer just a few questions. Tag another sew sister on instagram and share the link and you will be receive another entry.  I will automatically enter your name as an entry if YOU TAG another sew sister.  Thanks you so much for you  stopping by and hope you are getting ready to make your own JEANS! SURVEY WILL BE CLOSED ON FEBRUARY 21st and I WILL BE SELECTING THE WINNER ON February 22nd. STAY TUNE!

Thanks so much for stopping by and ONE LOVE!

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Monday, January 29, 2018

Healthy Hair Care - PART I

Happy Monday Loves!

I am super excited to return back to blogging about HAIR care and WILL share all the secrets that have worked for us.  Before I even start, I am NOT getting paid for this POST and I promise to keep it real.

Arielle has suffered from dry, flaky scalp since birth.  Unfortunately after a month, she actually had cradle crap and her hair did NOT grow much the first year.  At around 18 months, it finally started to grow and I was super excited.  One thing I noticed the first 3 years of growth was slow and it was very fine.  I figured she inherited it from me and the texture from her father's of family.  After reading an article written by a friend (SEE HONEYVERA POST HERE), I decided to try an organic herbal based product for the flaky scalp with castor oil.
I have been using Honey Vera scalp tonic for about 4 years consistently.  It definitely has helped with the itching and flaking of her scalp and has truly thickened her hair.  Mind you, I did not see much results the first month but after my second bottle, I noticed a BIG difference.  I decided to give it a try and continued with the product.

I also tried several other brands of hair care products including Pantene, Cantu, VO5 and all the KIDS line you can imagine until I stumbled across the Curly Kids line in my local Dollar General.
I noticed that her curls were more defined with the GEL and vowed to try a new Curly Kids product each month until I found the right combination.  I then shared our hair styles and journey via INSTAGRAM, mixed products, tested pretty much every single one until I finally came across the ones that works for her texture.  Curly Kids noticed us and that's how we became a BRAND AMBASSADOR!

NOW TO THE REAL DEAL:  June we decided to request a special blend formula as I noticed more flaking due to the Summer heat. I ordered 3 bottles as my friend had tried it before and told me that her daughter's hair was NOT flaking and growing more than with the regular blend. The SPECIAL BLEND FORMULA  has SPECIAL added herbs and oils that stimulates the hair follicles and I was amazed just by the first week of using it.  After seeing the results just the first month and using LESS oils on the hair, I decided to continue with it for a few more months.


Special BLEND is only available UPON REQUEST by sending a DETAIL message of the SCALP or HAIR ISSUES VIA EMAIL OR DM. It is formulated to meet YOUR NEEDS and even though it COST more it is WORTH EVERY PENNY.  I also decided to switch up the moisturizer and use less OILS since the SPECIAL BLEND has OILS which is perfect for her scalp issues.

Hair is washed 2 times per month.  HERE ARE THE PRODUCTS USED:

REGULAR WASH WEEK - Curly Kids Super Detangle Shampoo and Super Detangling Conditioner

DEEP CONDITION WASH WEEK - Curly Kids Super Detangle Shampoo, Deep Conditioner mixed and Honey Vera Castor Coconut Oil.  SPECIAL BLEND TONIC is always sprayed directly on the SCALP after every wash day!


We found that the Your Curls Conditioned, and Moisture in a Minute works best for styling after wash day.  We may add a small amount of Honey Vera Coconut - Castor Oil on wash days when the hair is NOT deep conditioned. MOISTURIZER IS USED 2 times per week when hair is styled.  (PART 2 will focus on styling). We only use a small amount of Moisturizing Gel, Coconut Oil for Curls or Moisture in a minute along with Your Mane Moisturizer as needed.



SPECIAL BLEND TONIC is USED DIRECTLY ON THE SCALP AT LEAST 3 TIMES A WEEK EVEN when the hair is styled.  We often times use a little with the detangle spray instead of water.  Arielle's hair is SO thick that IT cannot be styled dry.

Thank YOU so much for following our hair journey.  We are grateful for the KIND WORDS and COMMENTS shared on our posts on Instagram.  Feel free to leave a comment with any questions that you may have and MENTION ARIELLE10 for your 10% discount CODE with Honey Vera!  This SPECIAL EXPIRES March 1st.

HOPE ALL THE TIPS HELP!  Leave a COMMENT BELOW  with any questions that you may have.

STAY TUNE FOR PART II as we will sharing MORE STYLES and DOS!  We may even have a giveaway too!

Thanks for stopping!

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Monday, January 22, 2018

Black and White Stripes - Review of McCalls NEW PATTERN 7722

Happy Monday Loves!
McCalls M7722 VIEW D

The minute I saw the new Early Spring McCalls pattern collection, I was in love.  I did grab quite a few and vow to sew at least 1 view of each of the patterns before May.  The last 2 collections, I have only made 1 to 2 and I have tons of NEW patterns in my collection that need to be sewn up.

I really love all the sleeve variations of this McCall pattern (7722) as it reminded me of a Gabriel Union sweater I purchased over the holidays except it has pleats.

 I opted to follow the directions as is and not hack it with this wearable muslin and will be creating another one using pleats instead.  I really wanted to practice more with stripes so I used a stripe fabric from my stash that I purchased last year from Girl Charlee.  My biggest pet peeve is lining up patterns and stripes.  I made sure to pin the black stripes as I do NOT have a walking foot.

I actually use the under arm seam of my bodice based on my size for both the front and back.  

This is the easiest and quickest method that I have used for patterns and stripes.  Ensure that the stripes are also aligned when the fabric is folded.

I used 2 different types of knit which did NOT feature the design element of the pattern or the look that I envisioned.  I used a COTTON knit MIXED (stripes) from Charlee Fabric with a SCUBA knit from my stash.

For the NEXT one that I create I will make the following changes:
Grade 1 inch to the width at the bottom and grade from the waist (for better hip coverage).
Add 1 inch to the length to avoid pickaboo issues.
Use a light to medium weight knit.
Use the same weight and pattern but different colors for contrast.

Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to check out my blogpost for my monthly Fabric Mart make here of this simplicity dress pattern that I hacked.

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Thursday, January 4, 2018

Happy NEW YEAR!!


I am back on the blogging scene on my PERSONAL page and I am so excited.  I will personally commit to writing at least two blog post per month for the next 6 months and will continue to share most of my makes via Instagram. I am not into all the New Year's resolution revamp, change, uproot my life philosophy, BUT I believe in personal growth and commitment.  I had some amazing moments in 2017 and some challenging times, but there were MORE GREAT MOMENTS than challenges.  I continued with my Math Summer Academy which was a huge success, had the best MATH SCORES in years, WON a sewing challenge, and most importantly believed more in my God given talents.

I plan to push myself a little more this YEAR and take a few risks with God by my side.  I want to travel and explore more with my children, enroll in a creative writing class and most definitely, continue to grow in my profession. Aiden and Arielle are doing amazing in school and paying them for their grades have eliminated "Cs" off their report card.  I am so excited that my son will be in Middle School this August and has finally found his groove and is doing better than I expected in school.  He has NO C's this quarter and I am so proud of him.

My personal goal is to at least sew one new garment per week and add one skill to my knowledge book.  I am an educator who believes in lifelong learning.  Each and every day, I learn as much as my students both in my personal and professional life.  They know that I am one of the coolest, toughest Math educator you will meet who believes in challenging your mind.


My FIRST MAKE for 2018 is this McCall 7099 jumpsuit without the pockets.  Even though I am not the biggest fan of the look and the pattern, I wanted to learn the technique of grading and tapering a fitted pants.  IT WORKED and I plan to use the pants portion of this pattern to make more yoga type pants. 

Fabric is a GREYISH blue ponte knit from Fabric Mart. 
For the bodice, I cut the size 10 and for the pants,  I graded from the 10 to a 14 hip and tapered at the knee back down to a size 10.  I used a ponte denim knit which feels amazing on the body.  I loved the overall fit but would select a darker color to draw less attention to the curvier parts of my body.  YES! I am blessed with double portion in the assets area.

Now one of my favorite makes back in December is this beautiful red and black sweater (RIGHT) for the sew your view monthly makes using McCall 7688.  The ribbing topped it and gave it a great finish.  YES!! I will definitely wear it again next week when I return to work.

My Fabric Mart blog post make included another view with leopard print of the sweater and a fitted turtle neck body con dress.  For more details and photos, check out the blogpost here.

I am super excited about my next two makes for this upcoming month and the new McCall patterns that have been released.  I have three projects in mind with my top two  McCall patterns and I can't wait.

Thanks so much for stopping by and HOPE THAT 2018 will bring you love, joy, peace, happiness and many blessings your way!

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Friday, November 24, 2017

DIY Duster using New Look 6514

"Love yourself.  It is important to stay positive because beauty comes from the inside out."
Jenn Proske

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  I spent most of my week relaxing, planning and counting down the days to my 2 weeks Holiday break.  I have so many sewing projects to finish and I plan to spend at least 1 hour a day to get them done.  This duster is long overdue and was the pattern  (NEW LOOK 6514) selected for the October sew your view with my sew sisters Monica (here)and Felicia (here).

Unfortunately, I am just getting around to finishing and shooting as I lost my sewing mojo for about 3 weeks when my fabric got delayed.  My local post office blamed it on Texas (ship from location) and the next day after I complained, it magically appeared on my doorstep.  I have never had an issue with House of Mami Wata (here) where I get all my beautiful ankara print fabrics. I had it cut for over 3 weeks along with 3 other projects and last Sunday when Monica and Felecia went live (on Instagram), I got off my lazy butt and decided to tackle and finish the project.  It came out amazing and I can't wait to rock it again with boots to an event in December.
The only adjustments I made were the length and sleeves.  I wanted it right above my knees so I measured the pattern and cut.  Most Ankara fabrics are 45 inches wide and due to the fact that I did NOT want another floor length Kimono or duster, I opted to use the width of the fabric for the length.

I decided to make minimal changes to the pattern as most of the views I saw look amazing.  I only made another minor tweak which was adding a cuff with a solid fabric.



1. Measure your arm length.
2. Measure the pattern sleeve length and compare it.  If the pattern is the exact measurement as your length, all you will need to do is remove 2 inches from the length of the sleeve.
3. For me, the pattern sleeve was a bit shorter (1/2 inch) than my arm length. I  would have adjusted it and  add 1/2 inch extra based on my arm length and the pattern for a perfect fit, so I only removed 1.5 inches.
4. Measure the lower width of the sleeve pattern (which is the circumference of your wrist).

(Refer to photo below - NO FLASH so color is a bit distorted)

5. Cut 2 pieces of fabric - 5 inches long times the width of the sleeve pattern (at the bottom).
6. Fold fabric in half, wrong side facing each other and press.( The width is now 2.5 inches - this include 1/2 inch seam allowance).
7. With right side facing pin, stitch folded cuff to sleeves sewing 1/2 inch seam allowance and finish the raw edges.
8. Press seam downwards and then top stitch, stitch in the ditch or close to the seam based on your personal preference.  I opted to double stitch which is totally optional based on style.

Thanks to my beautiful daughter Arielle for capturing these amazing shots.  She has taken over from my son AIDEN and truly enjoys it!

As always, thanks for checking in and stopping by.  Can't wait to create a few more looks for the HOLIDAYS!  I promise NO more kimonos or dusters for the next few months!  I can't wait to share the dresses and a jumpsuit that are currently in the works!!


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Monday, October 16, 2017

Celebrating Breast Cancer Awareness Month

"We should not give up and we should not allow the problem to defeat us. "

A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

I love Mondays!! Its a new week, a fresh start, a new day to regroup. The month of October we celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness month. To honor the women and men too who have suffered because of this dreaded disease, I wanted to create and wear something PINK to an upcoming event.  My dear friend Primrose (see blog here), has been affected by breast cancer the last 18 months.  She is a fighter and is so determined to beat cancer.

This easy to sew kimono was made using Simplicity 1108 (here) with a rayon crepe challis fabric that I selected for winning the day to night look for the Fabric mart challenge (here).  This was the last piece of pre-cut fabric in this color and I was so happy to grab it.  I chose to rock it with the jeans that I made using Closet Case mid-rise ginger jeans pattern (here)  for the final Fabric Mart challenge!  Yes the Fabric Mart challenge that I won (here).  These jeans fit amazing and I have worn it every single week since. 
Looks peach in the shade!
This kimono pattern will be modified significantly on the next make for my daughter.  I will probably grade the pattern for her (XXS TO XS), shorten it to mid thighs, add belt loops at the side and cut the back piece on fold and remove the 5/8 inch seam allowance.  I will be in sewing overdrive the next week as I have the sew your view and a few makes before my last vacation of the year.
Glasses: from Aldo Shoes ($8)
Shoes:  Ann Taylor 

What would you rock your kimono with?  I can surely rock this again with shorts or a pencil dress.Thanks for stopping and be sure to check back for more DIY and fall projects.  I will be adding a subscription link and making a few changes to the blog so stay tune!

Have a BLESSED WEEK and one love.
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Monday, October 9, 2017

Simplicity 8172 Kimono- Made for my daughter Arielle

“Her smile makes me smile. Her laugh is infectious. Her heart is pure and true. Above all I love that she is my daughter.”

    Happy Monday All!! It's a NEW week, new challenges and of course a few new sewing projects.  The last few months I have neglected sewing for my daughter as I wanted to develop new sewing skills.  During the month of September, my main focus was the Fabric Mart Fashion Challenge 5 (here).  This challenge was a great life learning experience as I took each challenge as an opportunity to grow.  I developed so many new sewing skills and I am happy to report that I WON with my first handmade pair of jeans! (here).  I also won the Day to Night look right before the finale (here.)
My makes for the Fabric Mart features will focus on more mommy and me looks.  Can you believe my son is even willing to join in?

Now that the challenge is over, my daughter has set aside her list of makes for the year and I will oblige.  She wants kimonos, jogger pants, sweater dresses and of course a peplum top made before her birthday.  The next few weeks I will be in sewing overdrive as she wants 3 handmade looks before November 10th. I am super excited about this new challenge as I will be able to put my $25 monthly fabric selection to good use.

My daughter had picked out a few rayon fabric for kimonos this fall. She wanted a Mommy and me look and we purchased this fabric back in August. Luckily, the XXS in Simplicity pattern S8172 measurements matches her size with little to no adjustments. The culotte seen here was made using McCall 7131 (here) using a different color palette of the same print. 

 She really loved the fabric, the fit and the details of the yellow bias tape.

Side view!

Jeans - Old Navy
Sneaker - Converse

Arielle pretty much has her own sense of style and I truly embrace it.  She picks out her own fabric and makes the final decisions on most of her look.  Thank goodness she is NOT a fan of skimpy clothing so lucky for me I don't have to worry about that!

Back view

I truly enjoy sewing for my daughter because she appreciates every look that I create.  She is one easy going and pretty much appreciates every item that I make for her.

Hair styled using Curly Kids Hair Care Products (Curly Chic LINE)  (here)
You Mane Moisturizer
and Moisture in a Minute

Feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you think.
Thanks for stopping by and have a fabulous week!

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