Friday, October 30, 2015

Beautiful HAIR using the CURLY CHIC LOC Method

THE product line that we use is Curly Kids Hair Care. We have been using it over a year and a half now and we love the results. Here is a simple outline of the DIFFERENT PRODUCTS USED based on the desired looks.  To have your LITTLE DIVA'S HAIR looking SHINY and BEAUTIFUL, combine the PRODUCTS pictured.

SLEEK BUNS and PROTECTIVE STYLES (Daily routine): Moisturizer Gel, Cream Conditioner and Coconut Oil for Curls ( when needed)

The cream conditioner and coconut oil for curls are used throughout the hair including the ends. Depending on the desired BUN (Twist, braided or regular) or PROTECTIVE STYLES  a small amount of the moisturizer gel is used on the edges or the hair. If you are twisting the hair before creating the BUN, secure the bun then add a dime size amount of gel and conditioner to the hair and twist.

WET TWIST OUT, FLEXI RODS AND WET BRAID OUTS: Creme conditioner, Moisturizer, Coconut oil for curls and Moisture in a Minute

On damp hair, add the moisturizer, Creme conditioner and coconut oil for curls throughout the hair. For each TWIST, add a small amount of the moisture in a minute and twist. Lock the ends with either the moisturizer gel or moisture in a minute.  These products combined LEAVES AN AMAZING SHINE!!!!

WASH AND GO,  CURLY FRO, DRY TWIST OUT : Curly Chic LOC products (Moisture in a Minute, Coconut Oil for Curls, Your Mane Moisturizer) Curl Defining Lotion

Depending on the look, all the right products mixed together will give you an awesome finish. For wash and go, follow the LOC METHOD with the Curly Chic products. Add the moisturizer, coconut oil for curls and moisture in a minute.

Curly FRO may take different products depending on your hair texture and curl pattern. In my opinion, this method is based on trial and error with the right products. We find that the curl defining lotion, coconut oil for curls and moisture in a minute works for a BEAUTIFUL FULL curly fro. Add a small dime size of the coconut oil for curls that SMELLS SO GOOD for the AMAZING shine. You may need a little water to create a damp look before products are added depending on your desired CURLY FRO. Follow the same routine for DRY TWIST OUT. Use products on damp hair and then TWIST hair and then use all the products from the LOC Method. 

Wash and De-tangle
Super Detangling Conditioner

 Last by NOT LEAST, ENSURE that the hair is shampooed properly and deep conditioned at least 2 times a month using the Curly Kids Deep Conditioner.  We truly love the results of all the products listed and the LOOK and FEEL is absolutely amazing.

Don't forget to check out Curly Kids Hair Care for a store locations near you.  You can also order from the online store as WELL.  Please feel free to post any questions, comments that you may have.


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Thursday, October 29, 2015

What is L O V E?

What is Love?

Is it the number of likes on a picture?
Is Love the words that you utter?
Is it the material things you have?
Is it a connection that you feel?

It is amazing what different people may say about LOVE. Each person may have their own perception, but is there a true definition of LOVE.  One may link LOVE towards feeling, material things, a moment, but how can we truly define the experience of LOVE.  I am a sucker for LOVE stories, romantic endings, fairy tales, you name it. I am so much intertwined with finding what really LOVE is and for me, it is the butterfly feelings that I get in my stomach.  It's that moment of feeling special and and I just don't want to stop smiling.

I have been thinking about the WORD LOVE the last couple of days. I have been really yearning for that tingling FEELING, reminiscing on the moment when I really felt LOVE. I have been wanting to get that butterfly feelings so bad when I think about that SPECIAL person that I LOVE.  Surprisingly it was a moment I reflected about our last SPECIAL NIGHT one afternoon while driving when I heard my favorite Babyface song playing and romantic memories crossing my mind.  I was smiling with tears of joy and saying to myself that I don't want this feeling to go away.  Can it, will it last forever? Is it LOVE?

We may not know when that LOVE spell hits us but I am glad to say when it does you really feel that tingling sensation in your mind, body and soul. When that special one calls, sends a message or simply SAY "I LOVE YOU", it is that  FEELING you cannot explain. At that moment, we are intertwined with butterflies and special memories. So today, take the time to reflect on what true LOVE is and means to you. Hope you find everlasting LOVE. 

Be sure to leave a comment on your definition of what L O V E is to you.
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Sunday, October 25, 2015


Little GIRLS should be CLASSY and CUTE.

Whether you are going to school, church or heading to a wedding, this simple T W I S T updo is versatile and most importantly, easy to do. It is an everyday wearable style that your little girl will love.

You will need the following: Regular comb, rat tail comb, ponytail holders, smoothing gel (SOFT), bobby pins, barrettes, brush and holding spray (if necessary)

Hair Products used for this look courtesy of:   Curly Kids Hair Care 

Step 1 - Sectioning the Hair

Use a rat tail comb to create your parts.  You will first create  the vertical part (center of forehead) and stop and the top of the head.  Next, create a horizontal part (slanted or straight from ear to ear) and secure the back section in a ponytail. Secure all sections with a ponytail. Bring the rear ponytail to the center of the head to create a sleek updo.

Step 2 - Twisting and Securing the Front

Add Curly Kids Hair Care  Curly Kids Gel Moisturizer to the edges, brush and twist the first side wrapping it around the the rear ponytail and securing with a pin. Then twist the next side, crossing it over and securing it with more pins. Make sure twists are tight and wrapped around the rear ponytail and secured with pins. 

Step 3 - Creating the Twisted BUN

Moisturize the hair if necessary and twist the ponytail and follow the STEPS carefully to create a SMOOTH TWISTED BUN.
      Step A: TWIST the rear ponytail to the end of the hair.    
      Step B: Place INDEX finger in the center and hold the ponytail twist securely.
      Step C: Wrap the TWISTED ponytail loosely around your finger to create a

                   unique finish.
      Step D: PIN TWISTED BUN in place to secure.

Step 4 - The FINISHED Look

Finish with a soft gel (Curly Kids Gel Moisturizer) to smooth fly-aways and add a flower or hair bow for a girly look.


This cute three twists  and a bun is so easy to do. You can add that chic and sophisticated look by just adding a headband to the front or a flower around the BUN. This is a great look for a little sassy girl.


BE SURE TO check out a similar do with PLAITS posted on Naturally Curly website.  This look was done a year ago.

Don't forget to leave your comments, questions or feedback below.  Thanks for STOPPING BY!!!!  Go check out the great PRODUCTS available for this do at Curly Kids Hair Care.

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Monday, October 19, 2015

HEALING through Sewing

"Healing takes courage, and we all have courage, even if we have to dig a little to find it."
Tori Amos

Losing a love one is challenging to accept, especially a parent or a child. My father was my best friend and when he passed away June 25, 2011, a piece of me died inside. His death took a toll on me emotionally and accepting and dealing with him not being around was even worse.  I was a daddy's girl and my dad and I spoke daily. My faith was all I had and it was through my sewing outlet a year ago that helped. I decided to venture into sewing with a close friend after not sewing for over 25 plus years. We both took a sewing class and were disappointed as we did not complete the garment in 2 days.  I decided that night I was going to create a finish product and I sewed a simple elastic waist skirt for daughter.  

From that learning experience, I then made several elastic waist skirts until one day I decided to learn how to insert a zipper.

I completed my Mimi G Maxi Skirt (left)  but opted for an elastic waist and belt.
I even made a second skirt a week later (right).

My first zipper skirt was wearable and there was NO turning back.  Thus far, I have created clutches, skirts, pillow covers, hair bows, remixed tops and even attempted a top for both myself and my daughter.  I truly enjoy making skirts and have found my niche.  
My FIRST ZIPPER SKIRT.  Was so happy with it, I wore it twice in 1 week.

Clutch and Skirt sewn by me!

Pencil Skirts created in less than 1 hour.

Mommy and ME LOOK!

           I have no intentions to become a designer, but I hope to encourage others to find ways to heal. 

 From this journey, I will start my own Fashion Club at school and plan to launch the school's first Spring 2016 Runway show.  I am truly excited about this phase of my life and plan to encourage girls to be strong and confident in their skin.
My Inspiration to continue on this journey. 
Just a snip bit of the many pieces I have created for my daughter!

Thank you for reading my journey and hope that you find an outlet to heal from the struggles in life that you may be facing.
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Friday, October 16, 2015

The Power of WORDS

“Words are powerful. They can create or they can destroy.  So choose your words wisely."

Do you trust the words you see around you?  Do you mediate on the quotes that you see posted on Social Media? Do you read in between the lines? 

As a sucker for "quotes" and "inspirational words", I find myself staring, reflecting on the positive words that I see around me.  

Whether it's from a fortune cookie, a billboard or the mere frames hanging from a wall, I am in awwww when I read words that truly captivates my eyes.  

A little less than a year ago, my church decided to create a COFFEE corner with some positive words of inspiration.  This past Sunday, I found myself gazing on these words and reflecting on the first 2 quotes posted above.  I needed a little reassurance after a rough Saturday that everything will be OK.  These words can be a daily reminder that LIFE is so worth living. Don't take LIFE for granted and remember to share a "few words of encouragement to someone TODAY."  
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Tuesday, October 13, 2015


"I tell all of you with certainty, if you have faith like a grain of mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there,' and it will move, and nothing will be impossible for you."  Matthew 17:20

It is so hard being a working mother, worse a SINGLE working mother. It takes faith, patience, strength, determination and guidance to carry SINGLE MOTHERS through our rough days. Many times I felt like giving up, throwing in the towels, but I am reminded of God's grace, His mercy, His faithfulness and how awesome He is. I am reminded that my bad days is to test my FAITH. With a reflection of the bible verse, Matthew 17 verse 20, I realized how important it is to stay grounded in my FAITH. 

I woke up on October 11, at 5:38am crying before my morning meditation and prayer. These tears were tears of joy because I know joy comes in the morning when I am awake. This is a reminder of a NEW DAY, NEW BEGINNINGS, NEW BLESSINGS. I felt so bad going to bed the night before after being a bit over bearing and showing tough love to my son on a Saturday night. I am so determined that my son will not be a statistics as I have seen before my eyes so many single mothers fighting to keep their sons off the streets and out of trouble. I am BLESSED to have children yet a son after being told the chances of having children was 10% due to medical issues. My miracles, my children is a daily reminder of how AWESOME MY GOD is. I almost lost my life carrying him, loosing 50 pounds, unable to walk or eat throughout my pregnancy. My AWESOME God allowed me through and I carried my miracle for 37 weeks and delivered him in 5 minutes. I suffered no complications during delivery after a dreadful pregnancy. My doctor had her team ready as she feared the worse but our FAITH carried us both through the 9 months. My son was delivered a healthy boy within 5 minutes and our FAITH was all WE had.

Life has a way of teaching us valuable lessons. We may not know what lesson we are being taught during our time of adversities and troubles. We may not even see any light at the end of the tunnel. We have been taught to have FAITH. How many of us question God? How many of us loose FAITH? I do sometimes and it is during my daily talk with God and reflection of my life I am reminded of HIS faithfulness. So what ever you may be going through today, remember the word FAITH. Cruise on, hold on, because God is faithful and just. He will not leave you nor forsake you. So if you feel like giving up, say a little prayer, press on and hold on to your FAITH. Thanks for reading and feel free to drop a few words of encouragement today for someone who may have lost their FAITH.
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