Monday, November 28, 2016

Girl Talk: The Act of Balancing Part II

 “Youth fades; love droops; the leaves of friendship fall; A mother’s secret hope outlives them all.” —Oliver Wendell Holmes

Its 7am and WE are ready to go. Before we leave, we each say a little prayer. It has been a tradition for us to pray together in the morning and night. My children get an hour to chit chat, study, read or listen to soothing soul music or just sit in silence. Our rides to and from school is therapeutic as we get to talk about politics, fund memories or just share our thoughts and feelings. I AM blessed to take my children to work with me each day. I know what they do, who they are surrounded with and who impacts their daily lives.

This decision was the hardest but most rewarding as I choose to put all promotions on hold. I will not forget the day I cried my eyes swollen. I felt guilty after leaving my children at school unattended at 6:50am to travel to a school 30 miles away. I was a Curriculum Support Specialist supporting 8 different schools and was on the road daily. Yes, I wore suits, rubbed shoulders with Principals and Directors, felt I was climbing the Education ladder.  I developed and delivered workshops and felt like I was Ms. KNOW IT ALL and THAT! God humbled me when my son turned to me and said why mommy, why do you leave me so early at school and come home so late.  I want more of my mommy. That conversation was my turning point and I knew I would go back into the classroom. After 5 months, I gave the position up to go nurture and care for my birth children. I am first a mommy and then an educator. Why worry about others and not your own?

I truly enjoy what I do. I am able to touch many lives. The great blessing is that I connect with students. I can Juju to the beat, laugh about teenage memories with them, yet stillI I demand the respect as an adult. My children in my classroom gives me 100% and more. Some days I play band director while rhyming to the beats of mnemonics to teach students the Math content. Some days I am the biggest cheerleader; giving that autistic student hope when he gets a problem correct. Other days I am just a motivator, preaching to them about valuing the educational opportunities available.

My days are long and yes my days can be rough. I know that there are days I just want to curl up and cry. I don't have an easy road as I am the main bread winner for my 2 beautiful children. The rewards are even greater knowing that I have firsthand of picking their teachers and knowing everything that happens on their educational journey. I get home and I can only find myself laying down in silence exhausted after teaching 7.5 hours straight none stop. I don't get a planning or a break as I have to earn extra to balance my finances and to support my children. I BRING my lunch most time as I use the time to make copies, enjoy lunch with some of my favorite girls or just catch up on work.  Do I have a choice? No...I wish.

I am grateful for everyday I wake up. I have an amazing career surrounded by amazing students. I give up my mornings and afternoons to help a child in need. I am at school some mornings at least 30 mins early working with students who wants to learn to sew.  In addition, I volunteer and stay late 2 evenings to help a student catch up with math for FREE. Many ask why do you do this? My rewards are in heaven and I tell folks, my children will reap my benefits.

Evenings are rough, homework assignments are finished up in the car on our way home as my children have activities 3-4 days a week. Yes, I keep their minds busy so they do not think about all the craziness of this world. I balance these activities as I don't believe in over doing it. They stop when they feel overwhelmed and we resume when they are ready. I do this with God's footsteps walking next to me in the sand.

I am truly exhausted sharing how I balance my life. Am I happy with it? HECK YES! Do I feel overwhelmed, beatdown, wanna quit? Sure I do! My heavenly Father carries me daily, comforts me in time of need, and supports my walk and journey. My Faith is all I have and that is what help and guides me on this trip called "life".

Thanks for reading and don't forget to share your thoughts. I will continue to touch and inspire others.  Stay tune for a post on our weekend journey.  We are overdue for a family getaway and plan to do so before the holidays!!!
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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Girl Talk: The Act of Balancing...Part I

"Your life is a BOOK, make IT a best seller."

It's 4:05am and my alarm just went off. I wish I could sleep in today but guess what, it's a weekday. Before I arise, I must say my prayer, meditate in my quiet area, and replay the to do list I HAVE to conquer.  Little did I know that motherhood would teach me commitment and how to balance both career and raising 2 beautiful children. 

This summer I made a lifestyle change to eat out less and cook more.  My weekdays start at 4:15am.  I attack the laundry whether ironing, or folding clothes for 45 mins, or complete an hour of housework. Right after between 5am to 5:15am, I head downstairs. My yoga mat is ready and waiting patiently for my morning exercise routine. I start to cook the meat that has been marinating overnight and then get ready for my abs on intense 40 mins to 1 hr exercise.

I am absolutely enjoying every moment while beats of the 80s or 90s reggae soulful music is playing or perhaps my favorite gospel tunes. This is my me time and I get to dance, exercise and be me. It is not easy as in between I am checking the traffic news to see if I have to get the kids up earlier. I then rush upstairs by 5:50am and that is when our day starts.So many things have been completed in merely 2 hours but I have to keep going. My children are able to firsthand see my drive to be a better mother and to balance it all.
It's not easy when I choose to comb my daughter's hair everyday. Why? We get to bond in our special way. It's not easy to hold my son and pray and give him that special kiss, every morning, every day. It is the endurance and commitment to share my love.

 Some days I get frustrated as I am doing this alone with God by my side. I wish I had an earthly partner to help. However, I choose not to rush into another marriage. Why? I would rather be happy alone than miserable with someone. I want to make sure that the next step I take in building a lifelong partner is ordained by God. I choose to eliminate so many of life stresses and to be the best version of me, role model, mother and friend.
I have a small comfortable home which I am blessed to be able to pay for each month. I am still driving my 7 year old car my ex-husband left.  I am still wearing clothes I had 10 years ago. I am still happy today as I was a few years ago when I chose to eliminate all negativity including friends and family from my life.  I choose to live simple and care free.

So balancing my life isn't a walk in the park. I give up a lot to remain happy. I don't own a microwave as I want to eliminate quick meals. I don't own a Gucci bag as I don't care for names even if I can afford it. I don't want a big house as it will be too much to clean.  Lord knows I want to live in it rather than be sweating night and day to pay for it. I live the simplest and most rewarding life with my children.

Lets keep it real!! I do have bad days, melt downs and yes I do get down and depressed too. But Lord knows that my good days surely by far out ways the bad and my children always bring a smile to my face. GOD has humbled me in so many ways and the loss of my dad leaving a 6 bedroom home has taught me that there is more to life than wealth. You can't take the millions in the bank with you but you can surely enjoy it while on earth.

So readers, take time out to live a balanced life and not worry about the 20 inch weave or the latest car you have to get, but worry about feeding your spirit with positive moments and good vibes. Just live....

Photos for this POST were taken in a model home in our city. We truly find ways to enjoy life and I am teaching my children the rewards of working hard. DREAM BIG AND YOU WILL WIN.

Stay tune for Part 2 as I will share more of what we do to keep the smile on our faces. 

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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Girl Talk: Raising a Son!

“The battles that count aren’t the ones for gold medals. The struggles within yourself-the invisible, inevitable battles inside all of us-that’s where it’s at.” – Jesse Owens

I have been fearing the unknown for the last few months. Why??? I am so scared to raise my one son. I see the news with so many young men being killed and I find myself crying out. Why am I crying or why does it bother me? I am raising a BLACK SON.

I am a single mother and it is hard for us to raise a boy to be a man. It takes a man to teach a boy to be a man. I  try to surround my son with positive male role models and to keep him as active as I can. I give my son my all so that at the end of the day, I do not live with any guilt or shame. I am involved in his academics, I am always talking, preaching, guiding him. I am always crying, hugging and kissing him. What bothers me the most, is that I keep fearing the unknown.

On my way to church today, I was crying out to the Lord when I heard the song " NO WEAPON FORM AGAINST ME SHALL PROSPER."  These last few weeks have been an internal fight as I am dealing with so many challenges in my life. I refuse to let the devil win and give up. I plan to fight these battles with God by my side. So today, the affirmation in church settled my spirit and me living in fear. It is 9/11,  the 15 year anniversary of so many lives lost by the Terrorist attack. It is the message I needed to hear about David and Goliath at today's service. And finally, the song "I am no longer a slave to fear, I am a child of God" reminds me God is in control and I should fear not. My son will do just fine with God on his side.

So Aiden, God has your back and just need to stay prayed up.  As long as mommy is alive and well, she will do the best she can. Thanks for stopping by and remember to put God first and everything else will fall right into place.
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Thursday, September 8, 2016

DIY: Mommy and ME Matching Skirt!!!

"Children learn more from what you are than what you teach!" Author Unknown

Finding your true self is finding what you love to do. Almost 3 years ago, I started a new journey....SEWING (Healing Through Sewing). Little did I know that this journey would be an outlet for down days. When I can't sleep at night, I quickly put some music on and create pieces.

I honestly enjoy every moment of it and my daughter Arielle has been truly my inspiration.  She has not worn a store bought skirt since this journey begun.

I created my long denim skirt back in July and decided to use the remaining fabric early Sunday morning to create one for Arielle. She hates when we don't do the mommy and me look on Sundays for church.  Today, we were stopped so many times and that truly put a smile on Arielle's face.  Even with a little flaw (wider waistband 3 inches instead of 2), the skirt still looks amazing on.

So mommies, if you want to create your own unique pieces, for you and your cutie go for it. YouTube, Instagram and Bloggers are great places to start. If you do not want to venture like I did, then get custom made pieces. There are tons of great seamstress and I truly admire Feesewcrafty.  Go check her out as well on Instagram.

Thanks for stopping by and I can't wait to share more mommy and me looks and inspiration pieces. I am starting to think of the Halloween!! Stay tune on our MOMMY and ME creations!!

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Monday, August 29, 2016

Girl Talk - Lead by Example

"I don't want my children to follow in my footsteps. I want them to take the path next to me and go further than I could ever dreamt possible." Author Unknown

Social media and norms have polluted our minds so much, and in an instant, replicas of inappropriate trend and styles have become the norm. As soon as some of the "idols" that many young girls look up to shares a photo with a style, 2 days later, your timeline is blowing up with it.

Am I just old fashion? YES
Will I conform or bend? NO

I can't imagine walking around or leaving my home going to a day event ( NOT BEACH) in a full shear dress with bra and panties only and allowing my daughter to see it. I can't forget the day my granny said, "what's good for the goose may not be good for the gander." This saying has resignated with me for years.


Parents, please be careful how you carry yourself around your child or children. You are their first idol so think about your actions. Children learn what they see.

Allow them to find their own unique sense of style. Emphasize individuality, norms and  self control. Middle school is a tough age so please keep your eyes and ears open all the time.  Be a police in their lives especially if you allow them freedom. 

Let's preach that SOCIETY, especial today's social norms and media are NOT the go to teacher for life lessons. As parent, we should have an open trusting relationship and our children should be able to share their feelings with us. We should ensure that our children are so strong on the INSIDE that no matter what society preaches, they can still STAY strong to their family value system.  As a mother or 2, I monitor what my children watch, what they hear, who they hang with and what feeds into their spirit.  I am so proud that if you ask my kids about Jordans, they would ask if only basketball players wear them.  They know about Old Navy, Gap (Clearance rack), Crazy 8 and all the sales.  They are comfortable in their skin and their outer appearance does NOT dictate who they are.

So parents, lets invest more time in raising our future leaders.  Our little girls should look up to First Lady Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, Simone Biles, Oprah Winfrey, Elen Ochoa, Madame CJ Walker, Maya Angelou, Alicia Keys and a host of many others positive figures.  Our boys should emulate our first Black President Barack Obama, Bill Gates, Marcus Garvey, Alfonso Cuaron, Martin Luther King, Neil Armstrong and Steve Jobs and those who have positively impacted our lives.  Lets enrich their minds with education and the right keys to success.

Thanks for stopping by and lets start at HOME!!!

Much love to my amazing son Aiden for capturing these photos.  He is always happy to capture us! Stay tune for my OPEN letter to my children!!!!

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Sunday, August 21, 2016

The Joy of Motherhood

"Strength does not come from winning, your struggles develop your strengths.  When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength."

It's been a continuously battle to keep fighting and not give up.  The MORE pain and fear that I have encountered, the MORE strength I find from no where to keep going.  My life hasn't been a fairy tale. I have had my fair amount of struggles but I use these struggles to uplift others when times are tough.  I have had near death experiences, divorce , breakups,  death of loved ones, internal battles to just want to give up but I choose the path to fight. Each day I wake up, I start my morning in meditation and prayer. I talk to God before I rise and ask Him to give me the strength and guidance needed to carry me through.  I then reflect on how I will choose to start my day!

1. Will I start it dwelling on yesterday's mistake?
2. Will I start it ready to embrace the unknown?

For the most part, I try to start it with a SMILE and to start thinking of all the positive things that I have encountered the day before.  I think about my purpose and why I am here.  If I give up, then that is an excuse for my son or daughter to give up too.

As a SINGLE parent, every decision that I make affect 2 little people I have to raise.  If you know me, my life revolves around my kids as I am the only strength finder they look up to each day.  The love that we share is unconditional.  I have to choose to make the RIGHT decisions most of the time as it affects their well being. My career choice revolves around them, the person I date, the people I surround myself with and the way I carry myself each day.

MY top 4 most important LIFE lessons from MOTHERHOOD are:

1. Showing unconditional LOVE...
I am such a fan of heart to heart talks, spending quality time and engaging in deep conversation.  I am not a supporter of showing love with material things, so my kids don't care for Jordans, parties and games.  My children and I spend quality time together and I decided that I wanted to keep them close to me as much as I can. In the mornings, before we drive out, we start out in prayer and we talk about anything on our way to school.  Our late afternoons are talking about my day and what the evening will bring.  If you know me, I don't hold long phone conversations unless they are fast asleep.  I text more than I talk and I try to give them their time when I get home.  When we have our talks, my son is the first one to grab the phone and hide it.  My children love dates (dinner), hanging out on Sundays and just chilling at home watching a movie on Friday nights.  We engage in deep and open conversation and it is OK for them to tell me how they feel.  We kiss and hug for no reason and it is Ok for them to cry and later tell me what I said that hurts.  We have developed an open relationship and I am not too old to say I am sorry to them.

2.  Do I switch career or continue in education until they are in college?
 The choice I have made is to stay the course until both have completed High School. YES I plan to teach at every school they attend.  I want them to get the best all around education and push them beyond their comfort zone.  As a teacher in the same school they attend, I am forced to be even more involved.  My kids sometimes hate this but knowing their teachers and building a strong relationship is the key to success.  I have a very good relationship with the teachers and I know which teacher will match each of their personalities.  My son adores his teacher and that is his key to success.  He will have the same teacher again in 4th grade and I am super excited for him.  On a positive note, my daughter pushes herself in Reading and naturally is the one of the top student.  I am so blessed to have 2 amazing children who understands the value of Education.

3. Dating, Getting Married again, Planning Long Term...:-)
I am very protective about the folks that I allow close to me especially my kids.  I am very skeptical and have significantly reduce my circle to a small network of close friends .  I have read and heard about so many nightmare stories and have battled with trust issues even with the people who are close to me.  If you know me, my kids going to sleep overs are a BIG NO NOs, NOWADAYS even with my OWN family members.  The person that I marry :-) would be someone who has gotten a good chunk of my heart as I keep it protected and one who has gained my trust.  I hope one day that I can openly share the love with someone who will accept my flaws and share the same love for me and my kids.

4. The decision making process...
I know I  may get a few to of my readers to disagree with me but every decision that I make I always think how will this decision affect my children. I am a single parent raising them 90% or more most of the time.  I plan my schedule totally around theirs and I plan their lives out. YES, I am a planner and  I have already started the planning process  for my son's Middle and High school career.  My son pretty much understands that mommy is his backbone and life without a plan is like being in the desert without a map.  This summer, my son decided that he would like to pursue a career in Mathematics and Engineering.  Little did I know he was listening and watching every steps that I made and was learning the Middle school curriculum as he sat next to me most of the time.  He told me one night while we were hanging that I think I want to go away (YES) and pursue a Masters in Mathematics.  He said mommy I love numbers and I think I am good at it.  When a 9 year old can search YOUTUBE to learn Math topics and master it, I know he is on the right track.  On a positive note, I am not concerned about my daughter as she strives for perfection in all that she does.  She pushes herself naturally and loves the arts (dance, music, gymnastics) and I know she will excel in whatever choices or path she will take.  She strives for intrinsic rewards and loves to read and write.  She is just an all around, well balanced, loveable little diva.

I am protecting my pension, my long term investment who are my children.  I encourage every parent to INVEST quality time now when your child/children are young.  PLAN, SHARE, WORK in sync and everything will fall into place.  I know that many may disagree with my parenting style but I want the best for my children so that 10 years from now, I can simply travel the world and semi retire from the profession of teaching.  There is NO parenting manual that one can learn from on how to raise a child.  Every child is unique and every parenting style may differ.  I believe in OPEN, TRUSTING, LOVING relationships.  I honestly allow myself to be told that I am wrong and I simply apologize when I am.  I find that my children are happier, healthier and enjoy a more rewarding life.

What is your parenting style?

Feel free to drop a comment or two below.
Thanks for stopping by and reading my POST!!!

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Monday, August 8, 2016

Life...Changes that come in an instant!!!!

"You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think."   -A.A. Milner

When life throws you lemon, get up, wake up and make some strawberry marmalade. Life's detour can either make you go two ways, either take the risk and head out strong, or give up and give in.

I promise you, I felt it when Prim called me and told me she had a lump. How could this happen, we just had a grande time at Diner En Blanc. The mammogram result wasn't what I wanted to hear. No, please, I was in denial more than she was. We were just celebrating happiness and then the shocking news.  I cried, yes I cried. I said not Prim.  A few moments, I reflected on my struggles, my near death experience and said she will come out victorious. I remembered my struggles with my health, sick, hospitalized 18 times with my firstborn. I did win the battle and shared words of encouragement. I know that our God that we serve will never leave us nor forsake us.

I continued to encourage Prim to embrace this struggle. When she suggested that I shoot her I accepted the request wholeheartedly. I suggested bold pink lips and a beautiful long dress. I went across the street from my home in JA and got all her "money shots."

This experience is a true reflection that life can change in an instant. You never know when it may be your timing. When one faces a challenging period or moment in life, you can choose two paths; accept it and fight it victoriously, or give up. What path will you choose?  I truly had an amazing time with Prim, my girlfriends (Trudy and Lisa) and the amazing make-up artist JODY (Instagram Page: ) while she was getting her makeover done.  She felt comfortable around us and was openly embracing the change.  I wanted her to enjoy and feel beautiful and understand that your HAIR or EYELASHES is not the beauty of a woman, but her inner strength during a challenging period.

 I have truly learned so much about myself through my struggles and always tried to find the positive in light of a tough period in my life.  I have shared my stories with others to uplift and inspire and I know that Prim will win this battle in her life.

In closing, " Life is ten percent of what happens to you and ninety percent of how you respond to it."  Lou Holtz

Thanks for reading her story.  Please feel free to share the link with a person who may be going through a challenging period in their lives.  
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Tuesday, July 26, 2016


"Follow your passion, be prepared to work hard and sacrifice, and, above all, don't let anyone limit your dreams." Donovan Bailey

I am celebrating today!  I have completed my 21 Day Challenge and I am on my final lap for my summer program.  I am even more energized, motivated and I really needed this challenge to put my dreams into action and to follow my passion.

This 21 day challenge lifestyle challenge wasn't only about losing weight, it was a challenge to change my mindset on life.  I knew the month of July would be one of the toughest month of the year.  I knew I needed a support system to balance working 13 hour days, 4 days a week and still maintain a healthy lifestyle in preparation for my birthday.  I yearned to learn how to balance family, fitness, work and remain healthy and stay strong.  It was a MAJOR sacrifice I was willing to make and I wanted to learn how to prepare healthy meals for my children and still burn the midnight oil.  Moreover, I have been battling ovarian cyst and uterine fibroids and my doctor told me last year to change my mindset when it comes to eating.  I wanted to complete this challenge before my annual visit after my birthday and to show her I could do this!

LET'S REWIND to JUNE 2016   <<<<<---
So my summer program was successful.  I had 26 students enrolled and 4 groups.  My morning group started at 8:30am and ended around 12:30pm and my afternoon group started at 1:00pm to  5:00pm.  Mind you, I even added 3 additional groups of Algebra Readiness (Monday/ Wednesday  3:00pm to 5:00pm, 6:00pm to 8:00pm and Tuesday/Thursday 6:00pm to 8:00pm) that started on July 5th.  Just for the month of July, I was offering this Algebra readiness 4 evenings just for students who will be taking Algebra in the 8th grade. Call me crazy but my phone was ringing off the hook the end of June and I had to even turn away a few parents.  My results were off the chain and YES, with hard work, our school had beat out many of the top schools in the surrounding area and is NOW AN "A".   I truly worked my butt off during the year and I wanted my students to continue on the path of success.   Most of my students who brought me to tears were first year students in the US and they truly loved me as a teacher.  These students worked hard to learn English, the American curriculum and was very successful on the FSA.  Their parents cried, shared kind words and how much of an impact I had on their lives.

So ENOUGH about my program!!!!  Let's get to the point.  MEAL PREPPING was on the top of my list.  My alarm clock was set to 4am most mornings and I had to prepare LUNCH and DINNER FOR 3.  YES!  My kids were in on the challenge too as I refused to cook separate meals.  It was tiring and sometimes I even fell asleep while the food was on the stove. By 7am, LUNCH and DINNER was packed and ready to go. In between cooking, I was doing my exercise routine. YES, I had to learn how to balance it all. I decided to MEAL PREP SUNDAYS and WEDNESDAYS and PREPARED 2 meats on those days.  The other days were simple and easy meals since I was home on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.  I left home Mondays through Thursdays at 7:40am and came back around 8:40pm.  My kids had to join in and they knew mommy wasn't gonna pay for them to go play at a CAMP!

My children struggled the first week knowing that PIZZA and JUNK was off the menu.  They complained but by the 2nd week, they got use to it.  My son was very upset knowing that mommy wasn't planning on eating out at all.  HE also decided to change his mindset and was so happy the first week when he lost 2 pounds.  We were exercising together at nights, doing jumping jacks challenges and walking every chance we got.  ELEVATORS were banned and we parked as far as we could from buildings.

THIS has been one amazing journey and I am happy to report that my children have embraced HEALTHY eating, enjoying FITNESS while making it FUN.  My son struggles with junk food and I am in shock that my apple juice from last week hasn't been touched.  Water is mandatory and we go through a case of 24 every 2 days.  Thanks Patrice for changing our lives.  THIS challenge has given me a different perspective on FOOD and I now I can be a better MOM!!

GO CHECK her out and join the NEXT challenge on August 1st.  I am doing another round as I am 10 pounds down and 10 inches have been GONE!! YES GONE!

I am and 8 to 10 pounds AWAY from my GOAL WEIGHT and I am ready to hit the ground running again on August 1!!!!

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Wednesday, May 11, 2016


“Dreams are like may never touch them, but if you follow them they will lead you to your destiny.”

I am here crying watching "Chasing Destiny" after "11:27pm knowing darn well I should be fast asleep. I have gym in the morning but I am so enjoying the show. Is it for the music or is it the meaning behind the music. Life has a way of coming together and I am ready to chase "MY DESTINY". I feel I keep putting my dreams and aspirations aside because of my fear of failing. I am living in this shell just like a snail and scared to show the world my true potential. I am just NOT DOING ME like God has ordained. I have a passion for Education; especially Mathematics. My heart is on fire when I see the passion for mathematics in my kids' eyes. Yes, the kids' I teach. I have passed on this passion to a son who can sit quietly in his room and knock out 50 problems in one shot with no complain. I have seen the light in his eyes when he challenges me on my answer choice and he defends himself. I have already seen the flame burning.

I am so chasing my KIDS' dreams instead of mine. I guess the fear of my kids failing allow me to focus more on them rather than me. I am here planning their future, hoping they stay strong and make me proud. I know it's ME alone on this journey but I will fight to the end to ensure that they reach for the stars and chase their dreams.My son has a passion for Engineering so I channel his energy into the things he enjoys. I saw that passion during Spring break when he sat quietly and peacefully reading the teacher's guide for the Vex robotics. I was amazed on how intrigued with the book and the robotics pieces. 

My daughter, the strong fighter has shown me that life is all about pushing yourself beyond your limits. My first grader is tracker her reading level and striving to read at a fourth grade level by the end of her first grade year. She knows her exact level and begs her teacher to complete her AR test even when there are NO library days. She even reads her brother's AR BOOK so that she can challenge herself. This child is no Einstein but she is one black talented girl who rocks. She strives for greatness and I know she is special. She is a reader, writer, dancer, lover of art and all things beautiful. She has so much potential and I know she will make me proud.

So my beautiful gift from God my children is my rock. They remind me that I have to strive for greatness too and follow my destiny. They allow me to reflect on where I am and where I want to go. After receiving 3 different confirmations including 2 that knows little about me, I am READY. When a dear friend says "GIRL YOU THE BOMB with this math!", it means something. When you bring you AP to tears because she hears that you put in a transfer, it's an awesome feeling that you know you are appreciated. When 99% of YOUR students share how awesome you are because you connect Math to their lives, it's a feeling you just can't explain. Hearing that alone lights up my heart. Why worry about failing? Why worry about what people say? Why worry when you can pray? I am ready today, now to chase my destiny. I am Marica and I rock!!!!!!
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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Ageless Beauty - JENCARE SKIN Line

THE AMAZING skin care line - JENCARE ROCKS!!!

I have been a health freak over the past few years but the last year or so, I have been quite a slacker.  It is time to get back in shape and start taking care of me. During the period of moving and closing on the new home, I neglected myself.  I ate junk, did not properly cleanse my face and fell off track.  A month ago after a huge breakout, I decided I had to go back to my daily regime.


1. Leaf Soap - use to wash my face twice daily.  During summer months, I try to do it at least 3 times.

2. Toner - use daily after face is washed thoroughly with the leave soap.  My face feels amazing after and so refreshed.  My pores are squeaky clean and the tingling feeling lets me know that the skin is ready for the collagen.

3. Fresh Expressions - So fresh so clean.  This collagen is the BEST product that I have used on my face.  The collagen tightens my skin and gives it an amazing finish.  I don't need any make-up when I use the collagen in the morning.  It definitely enhances the GLOW of my skin and I am SO in love.  The price is so worth it as it last for about 3-4 months if used once a day.

The best product line that I have used the last 5-6 years has been Jen Care Skin Farm.  I stumbled across Jencare returning home from my trip to Jamaica.  The sales representative SOLD me as her flawless skin caught my eyes.  I was a bit hesistant and decided to try the leave soap and the #13.  To my amazement, I noticed a huge difference after a month and was hooked.  There is absolutely NO turning back and JENCARE SKIN FARM, YOU ROCK!!!

I have always wanted to use the desired complexion and recently added it to my daily routine.  NO NEED FOR MAKE-UP after using it. Its like a foundation and cream in one. See photo below

Go check out their website to see if there is a SPA near you.  If not, the Jencare Spa website is a click away (here) to order the amazing products that will work for your skin.  Dr. Samuda (REST IN PEACE)  was the only person I have trusted to do a facial and her recommendations are ALWAYS on point.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope this review was helpful.  Feel free to leave a comment or question below.

Go follow their pages on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM to see the amazing services the SPA offers!!

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